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She Was Out In The Woods With Her Dog When She Came Face-To-Face With A Nightmare

Anyone who’s seen the Terminator movie franchise has got to be at least a little scared of the idea of robots taking over the world. Of course, these fears are easily dismissed by the fact that the field of robotics is still pretty primitive in many ways.

Then again, that isn’t stopping companies like the Google-owned Boston Dynamics from experimenting with robots.

The Atlas is one of Boston Dynamics’ most sophisticated creations and is capable of traversing a variety of different terrains. As impressive as that sounds, imagine encountering this thing while out for a nice stroll in the forest…

Talk about a terrifying and unexpected encounter.

(via Unexplained Mysteries)

While the Atlas might be advanced by our current robotics standards, it’s nowhere near Skynet levels of intelligence…at least not yet.

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She Was In The Park With Her Kids When She Did Something Truly Selfless To Save Them

Life gets scary at times because normal, everyday situations can turn deadly at the blink of an eye. That’s why this mom and her children are lucky to be alive today.

Anne Monoky Goldman was taking a walk through New York’s Central Park with her three sons on August 15 when out of nowhere, a huge elm tree started falling right above them. It could have very easily killed the small boys and baby, but because of their mom’s amazingly fast reaction, they all survived.

When Goldman saw the tree crashing down, she used her body to shield her two-year-old and four-year-old, who were sitting in a double stroller, and the baby strapped to her chest.

She took the full force of the tree and got pinned under the branches…

…but thankfully, police and people in the park were able to pull Goldman’s kids out and then free her.

Goldman’s neck was broken and Grant, her two-year-old, suffered a fractured skull, but the other two only had minor bruises.

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3 Unusual Spots in North Carolina – Travel Channel

From cups to whirligigs to Bigfoot, North Carolina has all of it. Adhere to along as we explore the eccentric side of the Tar Heel State.

Associated: North Carolina's Most Overlooked Beaches

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This Dog Was Found Alone On The Street, But That Wasn’t The Worst News

Seeing Buddy cuddle and play, you’d think that he’s always been the happiest dog in the world. In reality, his life has been filled with homelessness, surgery, and now, cancer.

Six-year-old Buddy was living on the streets of Romania when he was picked up by the rescue organization Howl of a Dog. While veterinarians at the non-profit were checking him over, they realized that he had a tumor on his spleen. Immediately, he was rushed into surgery.

Surgery went well, but unfortunately, a biopsy of the tumor revealed more bad news: Buddy had cancer. Since it was detected early, vets are hopeful that he’ll be able to live for several more years. The only problem now? Trying to find a forever home for a dog with medical issues.

Despite his many hardships, Buddy is loving, gentle, and happy. These days, there’s nothing he wants more than hugs from the kind humans who rescued him.

If I was able to, I would adopt Buddy immediately! The medical expenses would be tough to handle, but his love and affection would make every last bill worth it.

If you or someone you know would like to give Buddy a forever home, email The organization does have ways to facilitate international adoptions. You can also make a donation to their cause by clicking here.

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Moon, earth more closely related than previously hypothesized!/Serr8d/status/184248183986200576

Where did the moon come from, and how did it get there? The prevailing view is that a planet named Theia entered out solar system and banged into our planet with sufficient force to push some of the molten material from our planet into orbit. Over time, that material coalesced to form the moon. Now, new research from geophysical scientist Junjun Zhang and colleagues, suggests that such thinking might be wrong. In their paper published in Nature Geoscience, they find that in comparing titanium isotopes from both the moon and the Earth, that the match is too close to support the theory that the moon could have been made partly of material from another planet.

And that is your daily minimum requirement of titanium isotope news.

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Soldier Returning Home Early From Deployment Orchestrates A Huge Surprise For His Mom

Army Specialist Chris Adams went to a lot of trouble to make it home in time for his 22nd birthday. Stationed in Afghanistan for ten months, Adams hatched an elaborate plan to surprise his mother, father, and girlfriend when he found out he’d be returning home to Groveland, Massachusetts, just in time for the big day.

Working as a firefighter before his deployment, Adams got his old work buddies to tell his mother that there was a gas leak at her house. Once she was outside and police and fire trucks began arriving with sirens blaring, she was overcome with shock and joy at the sight of her darling son getting out of one of the trucks.

I don’t know about you, but I just love watching videos of soldier homecomings.

What a weight lifted off the family to have him home; they’ll be able to sleep restfully again.

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Adding a Louisville Twist to Your Favorite Foods – Travel Channel

If you assumed Southern food couldn't obtain any far better, reconsider. In Louisville, Kentucky, they're placing a distinct spin on a couple of timeless dishes.

Connected: Sightseeing in Louisville

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She Found Out Her Boyfriend Was HIV Positive And Did Something Shocking To Retaliate

Sometimes love can be a little too fast and furious.

Forty-four-year-old Misty Lee Wilke had been having an active sexual relationship with an unidentified man, and as things continued to get serious she suspected things would only get better from there. That all changed when an argument between the couple led to the reveal that the man was HIV-positive.

While Wilke ensure police that the man had laughed at her after revealing the news, and even took out a knife to try and attack her, surveillance footage reveals that Wilke put the pedal to the metal to seek revenge against her former lover.

The man can be seen leaving the altercation on his bicycle, when Wilke, in a red Mustang, can be seeing speeding toward him.

Wilke then proceeded to collide with her ex-lover, sending him flying into the air as she drove away.

It took Wilke nearly a half an hour to report the hit and run to police, insisting she didn’t mean to hit the man.

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Who Knew Candy Was Such A Good Way To Fend Off Robbers?

Some gas station attendants keep mace or even a gun behind their counter to fend off robbers, but this guy? All he needed were a few fistfuls of candy!

As the security footage shows, the attendant is simply strolling through his store when he notices a car speed into the parking lot. A man jumps out, brandishing a weapon…

It’s moments like these when the fight-or-flight instinct kicks in, and this guy is determined to stand his ground. He grabs the only thing he can reach and prepares for battle.

Watch as he fights off a robber by throwing handfuls of candy at him. I never would have thought to use treats as a defense, but it sure was effective!

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I bet the robber was embarrassed! Serves him right. Maybe he’ll realize that he’s just not cut out for a life of crime.

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