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This Gorgeous Beach Scene Seemed Totally Normal Until They Saw Something Weird

Cabo is a gorgeous getaway that attracts thousands of tourists each year, but one spectator on the shore took in a strange sight back in 2011.

And it certainly wasn’t a picturesque sunset. While filming, a traveler noticed that the water seemed uncharacteristically choppy. After a few seconds, they realized that something bizarre was afoot.

Watch what jumps out of the water a few seconds in.

I didn’t even know that manta rays could do that! As it turns out, they’re way more athletic than they seem. Nature is full of so many wonders, isn’t it?

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Barcelo Maya Grand, Riviera Maya Mexico |

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Offbeat Spots in San Francisco – Travel Channel

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From a wave body organ to a museum dedicated to Pez sweet, host Oneika Raymond displays several of San Francisco's unusual destinations.

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When It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Daddy, This Toddler Doesn’t Want To See Him Go

When we first have kids, it’s always a joy to see how excited they get when we come home. There’s just something adorable about listening to toddlers freak out about mommy and daddy returning after a long day. But despite the tearful goodbyes, we also kind of enjoy leaving. It gives our kiddos the chance to show us how much they’ll miss us while we’re away!

That’s why this video is so hilarious. Watch as an adorable little one runs to bid his dad farewell…a million times.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Dad! Your little guy will be an angsty teen before you know it. At least that won’t last forever either.

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Whatever’s In This Lake Had A Crazy Reaction To What This Guy Just Did

The Loch Ness Monster might be a little closer to home than you might think.

When heavy rainfall left this couple’s boat flooded, they were forced to remove the rain water the good old-fashioned way. To get the job done, they used a bucket to toss it into the surrounding water. But as the man’s wife sat by and captured the water-removal process on film, something unusual caught her eye.

The waters were relatively calm as they prepared to dry out their waterlogged boat.

But once the man threw a bucket full of water into the lake, something beneath the surface totally lost its mind.

Uh…what the heck is that?

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Heh: Jimmy Kimmel’s #twerkburn hoax destroys faith in the Internet!/jimmykimmel/status/377302028180930560

That viral video of a woman twerking her way through a table and setting herself on fire? Yes, it’s still a great summary of Obama’s week, but last night Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he was trolling the Internet hard.!/jimmykimmel/status/377305122209947648!/daphneavalon/status/377307775526637568

Rest her soul.!/daphneavalon/status/377310041826533376

Let’s just hope stunt woman Daphne Avalon (if that is indeed her real name) never has a real twerking mishap.!/richardroeper/status/377308968021807104

If you can’t believe the most magnificent twerking fail ever, what can you believe?!/mariaciise/status/377403509408141312!/cthagod/status/377362861783547904!/JazmynInc/status/377331842380079104!/lexiedonner/status/377380397728145408

Faith in the Internet: Destroyed. Faith in America: Restored.!/lolo488/status/377280008063967232

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If You’re Looking For A Crazy Adventure, Cliff Camping Could Be Your Next Thrill

I’m not what you would call “outdoorsy.” In fact, I would call myself “indoorsy.”

But even if you’re a lover of Mother Nature and the Great Outdoors, it takes a certain kind of person to want to camp on the side of a cliff. In Estes Park, Colorado, Harry Kent’s Mountain Adventure Company allows even inexperienced climbers the chance to camp on the face of a rock, dangling above the world as they sleep.

Kent has been cliff camping for years and he says it’s a common practice among climbers. According to CNN, climbers who tackle mountain faces too high or too difficult for just one day simply camp out before continuing. “Climbing for me is like brushing my teeth,” Kent says. “It’s something I just do as part of my life.”

Cliff camping involves setting up anchors in the rock, using a pulley system to get gear up the rock wall, and setting up “portaledges” that can hold climbers’ weight.

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Guide T. J. Sanford told a CNN reporter trying the experience, “You are always anchored and backed up. Redundancy is the key, and you are attached to two separate systems. It’s safer than riding in a car. It just seems scary because you are not in your comfort zone.”

Sanford knows people are freaked out by the height. He notes, “I’ve never had anyone fall off the ledge. I’ve heard stories of climbers, typically couples, getting too rowdy and causing the ledge to flip, but I’ve never had anyone just roll off.”

Sanford also says that being afraid is natural when cliff camping. “Being afraid of heights just means that your brain works properly,” he says. “As humans we aren’t supposed to be comfortable hanging off steep cliffs.”

The people who’ve done it say the adventure is totally worth it. Check out Kent Mountain Adventure Company’s video of these brave climbers.

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If you can’t handle the heights for a night, Kent Mountain Adventure Center offers lunch and dinner packages to give you just a taste of the cliff camping experience. Check out the company’s site here!

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There’s a Dinosaur Kingdom in Virginia? – Travel Channel

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Host Ryan Van Duzer absorbs some quirky sights at the Dinosaur Kingdom in Natural Bridge, Virginia. Follow as he discovers the unusual websites at this one-of-a-kind tourist attraction.

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This SWAT Deputy Has Dealt With Many Scary Situations Before…But Nothing Like This

With everything that’s been going on in the country lately, Texas SWAT Deputy Mark Diebold had started to doubt himself as a police officer. One morning, he decided to pray to God to send him a sign that he should continue on his chosen career path. Hours later, Diebold got a sign unlike any other.

While out on patrol, the deputy pulled over a large black car only to discover that the man driving was speeding in order to get his very pregnant wife to the hospital. Having faced plenty of scary situations in the past, Diebold says what happens next left him feeling more terrified than ever. Right there in the parking lot of a gas station, the brave deputy was called upon to help deliver a healthy baby girl into the world.

Helping strangers in such an incredible way lifted Diebold’s spirits. Carry on with the good work, officer!

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Bill O’Reilly lambastes Sarah Palin for refusing to appear on his show!/marklevinshow/status/403344404267548673

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly seemed more agitated than usual last night as he criticized Sarah Palin for supposedly refusing to appear on his show. According to him, “Sarah Palin won’t do this program. She won’t come on the program because she doesn’t want to mix it up. She just wants to give a speech; nobody gives speeches here. Okay?”!/eScarry/status/403340298035535872

Reaction on Twitter was mostly against O’Reilly:!/JimForbes_Pasco/status/403331750782189570!/irritatedwoman/status/403343449757208576!/frankybean/status/403332061986963459!/BrianKWithers/status/403370423821160448!/hollyR_J_N/status/403331685111967744

Good for you Sarah! O'Reilly's nothing but a turncoat!

Bill O’reilly ATTACKS Sarah Palin for not doing his show— Love Of Freedom (@Love0fFreedom) November 21, 2013!/sohali2012/status/403331457973624833!/VotePalin2016/status/403393801164558337!/FreedomUS/status/403331339484528640

Is a feud breaking out between O’Reilly and Palin? If so, it appears the majority of Twitter users side with Palin.

Editor’s note: A tweet that was supposed to appear directly after the first paragraph was inadvertently placed after the second. The post has been corrected and Twitchy apologizes for the error.

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