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This Man Risked His Own Safety In A Flood To Save An Adorable Baby Deer’s Life

Last week, heavy rainfall in Western Pennsylvania caused many roadways to become flooded. Some people were rescued from the floods but for most, it was just an inconvenience. However, the wildlife in the woodlands surrounding the rivers that were swelling from the increase in water quickly became victims. When one[…]

CDC director denies then admits Ebola can be spread by casual contact

http://twitter.com/#!/msmaryandes/status/517292408212815872 Watching CDC director on @cnn discuss U.S. ebola case. Doesn't inspire confidence. Kudos @drsanjaygupta for great probing interview. — Shannon Belew (@ShannonBelew) October 1, 2014 How bad was CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden’s appearance on CNN this morning? This bad: Partial transcript: Dr. Thomas Frieden, CDC director [standing right next[…]

8-year-old Filipina covers Adele

http://twitter.com/#!/Alyssa_Milano/status/189751153897119745 Her name is Fitri Cerado. And, um, wow. Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/04/10/8-year-old-filipina-covers-adele/

College Students Heard Whimpering, But Had No Idea What Was Hiding On Campus

Hope For Paws was recently called to a campus where students spotted a homeless Chihuahua hiding in a field. They thought she might have given birth to puppies and knew she needed help ASAP. Thankfully, Eldad Hagar quickly showed up on the scene, with help and a cheeseburger in hand.[…]

Here’s How To Store Your Christmas Lights Quickly For Next Year

The holidays have come and gone, which means that it’s unfortunately time to pack up all that good cheer and store it away for this time next year. In an effort to do this efficiently and with as little annoyance as possible, we’ve found a few super-simple ways to wrap[…]

These Puppies On Swing Sets Will Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); Compared to the long workdays and endless errand-running of human life, we tend to think our pups are pretty pampered. But with all of that pressure on their paws from taking long walks, and the stress that comes along with waiting to be fed, even our[…]

Before Succeeding, These 14 Famous People Actually Failed Pretty Hard.

If you never fail, how can you ever hope to succeed? Failure is painful, but it’s necessary for you to accomplish great things. Think about every famous or successful person that you know. Sure, they’re doing well now, but that’s just because they refused to give up every single time they[…]

ExJon wonders why Europeans complain so much about Israel

http://twitter.com/#!/bitmaelstrom/status/493505880831180800 All sorts of Europeans are complaining about Israel while supporting the Hamas terrorists.  ExJon thinks that’s a little odd. http://twitter.com/#!/exjon/status/493478040635457536 http://twitter.com/#!/NathanWurtzel/status/493478699963269120 http://twitter.com/#!/SageCommander/status/493479391985274881 http://twitter.com/#!/PsychicDogTalk/status/493492987205152768 http://twitter.com/#!/PsychicDogTalk/status/493493367901126657 Either he has no idea what that word means or least efficient genocide ever. http://twitter.com/#!/michaelledeen/status/493481965602226176 Well said. http://twitter.com/#!/michaelledeen/status/493482589794336768 Well stolen. http://twitter.com/#!/exjon/status/493486255146303490 (hat tip @deepereyes) ***[…]

‘Same song beyond doubt’: Geraldo weighs in on Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ battle

http://twitter.com/#!/djdrm1972/status/369475214515515392 Pop singer Robin Thicke and his “Blurred Lines” collaborators have filed suit against Marvin Gaye’s family after being accused of copyright infringement. Gaye’s family alleges that “Blurred Lines” borrows heavily from Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up.” While we wait to find out how the judge decides, Geraldo’s already[…]