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These Dancers Go Vertical For Oakland’s Art Festival

Taking dance to the next level is something the Bandaloop dance company takes literally. The company specializes in “vertical dance,” where dancers are suspended via cables so that they can dance on the walls of buildings, suspended over their audience. So besides the intricate choreography that goes into a traditional performance,[…]

Ferguson protesters reportedly want to disrupt the Rams vs. Cowboys game

Threat of Sunday discord at Cards, Rams games, local grocery stores. "We have nothing to do but get in your faces." #Ferguson #STLCCM — stevegiegerich (@stevegiegerich) September 17, 2014 Do the St. Louis Rams employ militarized ushers at its stadium? They might need them: #Ferguson Protestors Seeking Tickets to Get[…]

MSNBC slams Romney with Obama’s ‘revenge’ remark; Matthews cries ‘racist’

NOOOO that's Obama's 11th hour attack. Romney just noting it. RT @msnbc: Romney's 11th hour attack: REVENGE — Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) November 5, 2012 Truth doesn’t matter to MSNBC, silly! That’s right, the hacks at MSNBC pulled a Reuters and carried heavy water for Obama by twisting around his revenge[…]

Board recommends dismissal for Marine who criticized Obama

Marine Gary Stein Faces Boot for Slagging Obama Meanwhile, the Army couldn't care less about a more senior NCO… http://t.co/6F0DVsE2 — Michael Yon (@Michael_Yon) April 6, 2012 Details: Marine who criticized President Barack Obama on his Facebook page has committed misconduct and should be dismissed, a military board recommended late Thursday.[…]

Hamas spokesman says Netanyahu ‘reflecting a new image of Hitler’

Hamas spokesman on CNN just admitted to deliberately targeting Ben Gurion airport and called Netanyahu Hitler reincarnated. Wow. — alex green (@alexgreen101) July 22, 2014 Even Hamas’ media spokespeople aren’t making any attempt to hold back on American cable news, as Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan on CNN this afternoon said Israel[…]

Occupy Nashville given walking papers; lone protester remains

Here's the story on Occupy Nashville from The Tennessean http://t.co/rszUPI0K — Tom Bevan (@TomBevanRCP) March 9, 2012 The Tennessean: Despite moving tents and throwing some camping items into garbage cans as midnight approached, there was no sign of police at War Memorial Plaza. There were about 40 people around the[…]

Cutter melts down on ‘Special Report’; Tells Maddow GOP outrage is ‘faux’

Cutter better NEVER accuse #RomneyRyan2012 of acting "too agressively" after her display on Special Report to @BretBaier — Annie (@AlohaDevil) October 11, 2012 Appearing tonight on “Special Report,” lying liar Stephanie Cutter tripled, quadrupled, quintupled down on her disgusting assertion that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are using the deaths[…]

Terry McMillan coos over photo of President Obama

I just received an 8×10 color photo from The President of him petting Bo's head thanking me for my leadership. I'm sending more $$. — Terry McMillan (@MsTerryMcMillan) August 30, 2012 Awww … isn’t that special! Maybe if she sends more money, she’ll get an even bigger photo! Hopefully one[…]