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Alex Jones promises ‘biggest Bilderberg news ever’; Bonus: Our video preview

http://twitter.com/#!/RealAlexJones/status/333245820361138176 Conspiracy kook Alex Jones says he’s ready to break the “biggest Bilderberg news ever.” Or is that just what they want you to believe? Hmmmm? We expect the big news will look a little something like this: * * * More Alex Jones gems on the vilemonkey YouTube channel. Read[…]

Watch As One Man Sings A Song In Almost Every Disney Character’s Voice

Love impersonations? Disney? ADELE? Then this video is for you. Brian Hull, an impressionist and YouTube creator, uploaded a recent video that is bound to take the Internet by storm. He sings Adele’s “Hello,” but in the voices of various Disney characters. And it’s honestly better than you’ll be able[…]

You’ll Be Amazed At How Well A Salted Grapefruit Can Clean Your Kitchen

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Unless you grew up in a completely green household, you’ve used chemicals to clean your kitchen at some point. And those chemicals can be downright toxic — did you know that over half of the cleaning products we use have ingredients that can damage our lungs?[…]

Hillary Clinton explains State Dept.’s use of social media on BookTV

http://twitter.com/#!/prugtiv/status/485558793032323073 Being interviewed about her book “Hard Choices” on C-SPAN, Hillary Clinton was not once asked about the hard choices regarding Benghazi during her BookTV appearance. She did, however, speak to the importance of the Internet and social media, such as at the dawn of the “Arab Spring.” Not mentioned:[…]

#StandWithDNLee: Biologist called ‘whore’ for declining to blog for free

http://twitter.com/#!/gkygirlengineer/status/389047877017677824 Biologist DNLee describes herself as “a hip hop maven [who] blogs on urban ecology, evolutionary biology and diversity in the sciences” at Scientific American. She recently learned something about the lack of diversity in the sciences, though, when she was called a “whore” for turning down a request to[…]