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Matt Drudge on Anthony Weiner press conference: ‘Thinking of Andrew Breitbart…’

http://twitter.com/#!/DRUDGE/status/359888181472133120 Matt Drudge joined the chorus of those who couldn’t help but be reminded of one of the finest moments of our fallen friend, Andrew Breitbart, while watching Anthony Weiner’s press conference Tuesday evening. Breitbart was an editor for The Drudge Report. @DRUDGE As we all were. Just waiting for him[…]

Justin Timberlake Stops His Sold-Out Concert To Do The Sweetest Thing Ever.

8 year-old Julian got to celebrate his birthday recently in epic fashion. When you see what happened, you might be jealous yourself! Julian was at a sold-out Justin Timberlake concert when it suddenly stopped… because Justin had a special message for the birthday boy. Julian happens to have autism and Justin[…]

Another Friday night Fast and Furious document drop; also, CNN does its job!

Eric Holder dumps more #FastandFurious docs on Congress on late Friday night again: http://t.co/XIq1oxFQ — Matthew Boyle (@mboyle1) March 17, 2012 Matthew Boyle of The Daily Caller tweeted it. Story from CNN: The Justice Department late Friday provided hundreds of pages of internal documents to the House committee looking into[…]

Sen. Cruz asks Sen. Menendez if Obama slept night of Benghazi attack [video]

Ted Cruz just tried to create a joint House/Senate Benghazi committee by unanimous consent in the Senate, blocked by Dem Sen. Menendez — Quinn Bowman (@quinnbowman) May 12, 2014 During an exchange on the Senate floor, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, calling for the Senate to join the House in investigating[…]

49ers game-winning field goal amazingly close to being blocked, BUT…

That field goal was almost blocked. Went between that dudes arms. Insane game. — Rob Schmitt (@Schmitt4NY) January 6, 2014 The Green Bay Packers’ Davon House came amazingly close to blocking the San Francisco 49ers game-winning field goal, but there was a caveat we’ll get to after some pics and[…]

Dennis Miller mocks Leno’s absurd belief in false ‘War on Women’ meme

@DennisDMZ You were fantastic on Leno tonight. TY for not letting him get away with saying the Republicans are committing a war on women. — Kansan (@KSTXN) August 28, 2012 Jay Leno set out to carry the progressive sisterhood’s water on “The Tonight Show” Monday night. Unfortunately for Jay, the awesome Dennis[…]

Sen. Cruz has little faith in Obama’s nominee for ATF director [video]

Todd Jones is now getting defensive during Ted Cruz questioning #ATF — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) June 11, 2013 The Senate Judiciary Committee held a confirmation hearing today for ATF director nominee Todd Jones, acting head of the ATF and U.S. Attorney for Minnesota. It goes without saying that the ATF[…]


What comes out of your mouth reveals what's in your heart and soul. One can only bring out what is in them. — Reverend Al Sharpton (@TheRevAl) July 3, 2013 If that’s true, Sharpton’s soul must hold some truly terrifying stuff. LOL – Says the guy who made homophobic and[…]