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Video: Most memorable foul ball catch ever?

A foul ball landed in a fan's beer at Petco Park last night. He had the right response http://t.co/B5MvMGqT — Eric Stephen (@truebluela) May 9, 2012 Props to this baseball fan who miraculously caught a foul ball in his beer. Even though pitchers always spit on the baseballs and only[…]

Lefties manufacture outrage over Kimberly Guilfoyle’s comments

Kimberly Guilfoyle on Fox telling young people not to vote? Unbelievable !! — Leonard Nimoy (@TheRealNimoy) October 22, 2014 Did Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle “tell young women not to vote” on The Five? Not really. She did express some frustration about how young women tend to vote and said,[…]

Buzzfeed reporter falsely claims Buzzfeed corrects its errors

Listening to media criticism on "Friends of Hamas" debacle no one mentions the RW media does this ALL THE TIME. I'll give 3 examples. — Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) February 24, 2013 Conservative media outlets get its facts wrong “all the time” says Kaczynski. As proof, he cites five examples: Weekly Standard[…]

Anthony Weiner says there may be more selfies out there [video]

Anthony Weiner says there might be other photos out there. Which means there are. Which means what the hell is he thinking? — B.J. Martino (@bjmartino) April 24, 2013 Will the Weiner Well ever run dry? Not as long as news like this comes out: This guy loves to take[…]

Must watch: Duck Dynasty and ‘Blurred Lines’ mashup at #CMAawards [video]

Did @BradPaisley and @CarrieUnderwood seriously just remix Blurred Lines & Duck Dynasty? YES. #CMAawards — Country Music Assoc. (@CountryMusic) November 7, 2013 When the stars from the hit show “Duck Dynasty” made their grand bearded entrance onto the Country Music Awards’ red carpet, no one expected that they’d end up[…]

‘Lib heads explode’ at CRNC ads; Lena Dunham’s lady parts get a pass [video]

@michellemalkin @CRNC @lenadunham It's different because. Also so there. — Poinzy (@FreedomBruce) October 2, 2014 The College Republican National Committee is out with a new digital ad campaign spoofing “Say Yes to the Dress”: BREAKING: The CRNC's newest digital ad campaign across 16 states. #youthvote #redcampus http://t.co/GsRDBdg4xx — College Republicans (@CRNC)[…]

Chris Daughtry in video apologizes for ‘off the clock’ comment

@CHRIS_Daughtry Coming From an Air Force SSgt Thank You Sir for all do you for us and cant wait to see your show in Houston — Craig Virion (@TXCraig88) June 7, 2014 Rocker Chris Daughtry has filmed a heartfelt apology for walking off stage Friday from “FOX & Friends,” saying he[…]

‘One grand, sweet song’: Videos, pics & remembrances on Reagan’s birthday

Happy 102nd birthday to Ronald Reagan. His life was indeed "one grand, sweet song" — Reince Priebus (@Reince) February 6, 2013 Ronald Wilson Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, would have been 102 today. The celebration of the conservative icon’s birthday is in full swing on Twitter. Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan[…]