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Hamas holds press conference, promises ‘video that will shock Israel’

http://twitter.com/#!/AlqassamBrigade/status/269917157771599873 Al Qassam Brigades, the paramilitary wing of Hamas, held a press conference late Saturday night in Gaza, promising an “important video message” that would shock Israel. Al Qassam Brigades to air an exclusive video at the end of its press conference tonight.#Gaza #gazaUnderattack #Palestine #Hamas #Israel — Alqassam Brigades[…]

Ann Romney appears on ‘The View,’ graciously handles rude questions

Ann Romney so gracious on The View. — toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) October 18, 2012 The lovely Ann Romney sat down this morning with the ladies of “The View” to discuss the election, women’s rights, the economy, and her family. Her husband had canceled his appearance on the talk show due to[…]

‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ performed at Bush Center; Bush 41 sings along

The Battle Hymn of the Republic gives me chills every time. #BushCenter — Seth (@dcseth) April 25, 2013 There is simply nothing better to my ears than a military band performing the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” — Luke Russert (@LukeRussert) April 25, 2013 Amen. Before NBC’s Chuck Todd got[…]

Definitions are hard: Obama calls health insurance a ‘right’

So we're at the point where health insurance is a right, but bearing arms is not. — Razor (@hale_razor) August 17, 2013 Bingo. That’s the word from the White House today. "Health insurance isn’t a privilege—it is your right. And we’re going to keep it that way." —President Obama: http://t.co/NTsJspNw2c[…]

Commercial Airliner Passengers Get An Epic Surprise During A Normal Flight.

Commercial airline passengers were treated to quite the sight as they were coming in for a landing at San Francisco International Airport when their plane was joined by Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo and its carrier aircraft, White Knight II. The space craft (the central fuselage) was carried by its mothership right[…]

Olbermann: I screwed up really big on this

Keith Olbermann says he is a $10million dollar chandelier. — Eat, Drink & Be Mary (@MWJ1231) April 4, 2012 David Letterman – Keith Olbermann vs Current TV http://t.co/JKTjZMUO — Chuck Warn (@Chuck_Warn) April 4, 2012 @politico I would say Keith Olbermann has illusions of grandeur. — Kitty Gregg (@KittyGregg) April[…]

I Cannot Believe The Transformation This Once Frightened Puppy Experienced.

Not that long ago, a frightened puppy was moments away from euthanasia when some kind people rescued him. They named him Yumenosuke. His new owners helped him transform into a brand new animal. He was once a fearful dog who would urinate when he became scared. But now? He is almost[…]

These 9 Abandoned Places Have Been Reclaimed By Nature. It’s Beautiful And Scary.

It’s crazy to think that nature can, given time, almost take over and start to erase traces of civilization. But that’s exactly what happened in these nine places across the globe. These specific examples of nature in action are beautiful in a strange way. It’s s like looking into a possible future without[…]

A Tiny Deer Didn’t Want To Be Caught, But Kind-Hearted People Still Helped.

Simon and Sean from the Wildlife Aid Foundation were called out to attend to a tiny little Muntjac Deer that had got itself stuck in a residential garden. The homeowners spotted blood on the ground where the deer had been running. They were very worried about the little critter. It turned[…]