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Russian Cyclist Miraculously Avoids Injury After A Terrible Car Crash.

This incredible security camera footage shows the moment when a Russian cyclist narrowly avoided being hit by a speeding car and survived being knocked off his bike by a truck. Yes, it’s that intense. The cyclist was just going about his day, crossing a road at a pedestrian crossing, when his[…]

This Guy Finally Explains Why Baristas Spell Your Name Wrong And It’s Hilarious

1. John Purcell and Paul Gale Comedy recently answered the age-old question of why baristas always screw up your name. Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=hPbrlNsMTg4. youtube.com 2. The answer was simple… View this image › youtube.com 3. As soon as they hear your name, they think: View this image › youtube.com[…]

This Video Shows How Proud India Is Of Legendary Boxer Mary Kom

1. We’ve all watched a lot of vox pop videos in which Indians demonstrate how dumb and/or ignorant they are. View this image › Sortedd TV / Via buzzfeed.com 2. But here’s one – finally! – that proves that when we’re proud of a fellow Indian, we can’t be duped.[…]

Even Kermit The Frog Has Done The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We Love Him For It.

With every celebrity joining in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge trend, Kermit the Frog decided that he couldn’t be left out, and decided to accept the challenge after being nominated by WWE CEO Vince McMahon. Watching the video will not only entertain you but also inform you on the inner[…]

Office Workers Put On The Most Amazing Retirement Flash Mob For Their CEO.

CEO Mark Sebba of online retailer Net a Porter thought he was just turning up to another ordinary day at work. He didn’t realize it, but his colleagues decided to surprise him with this incredible flash mob tribute to say “thank you” for the 11 years of having him at the[…]

Bob Costas delivers halftime lecture on need to change ‘Redskins’ name [video]

Bob Costas: "Redskins can't possibly honor a heritage… It's an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present-day intent." — Jeremy Stahl (@JeremyStahl) October 14, 2013 We’d hoped Bob Costas would have decided not to wade into the controversy pool anymore after last year’s halftime anti-gun lecture, but it[…]