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Always Check For Great White Sharks Before Swimming In The Ocean…Always

As someone who’s petrified of water, nothing is more terrifying to me than scuba diving into the open ocean. This is something that I literally have nightmares about at least once a week. However, while I thought that nothing could top that on the terror scale, I have just been[…]

Real journalist Dan Rather warns of misinformation on ‘the new Internet’

http://twitter.com/#!/robertwlambert/status/304885575805181953 News flash from Dan Rather: there are journalists out there who will run with dodgy sources to push a political agenda. Rather said this with a straight face to fellow real journalist Ed Schultz, who was silently summoned to the White House after the election for a hush-hush “hippie[…]

Sen. Landrieu claims South Dakota shares border with Canada; Tweeters school

http://twitter.com/#!/Filippellius/status/345198903093776384 Sorry, we can’t tell you that. http://twitter.com/#!/BDayspring/status/345242697629589505 It gets better. Landrieu then said this: http://twitter.com/#!/ellencarmichael/status/345219319044648961 We’re guessing even the fence is smart enough to know that South Dakota doesn’t border Canada. Twitter users were quick to offer a geography lesson and a health dose of mockery: http://twitter.com/#!/Timodc/status/345216940102541312 http://twitter.com/#!/thejamesongirl/status/345235477214920704 http://twitter.com/#!/Loxodonta_s/status/345250943199236096[…]

This Gross Retro Recipe Needs To Go Straight Back To Hell Where It Belongs

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to eat were SpaghettiOs? For me, nothing was more satisfying after a long day of school than a nice, hot bowl of the O-shaped pasta. But as this disgusting and strange recipe proves, the delicious food isn’t always so appealing,[…]

This Teenager Has Recreated Your Favorite Film Moments With Legos. YEP.

For a 15 year-old, Morgan Spence is well on his way to an impressive career in animation. In a collaboration with Lego author Warren Elsmore, the English lad has recreated some of film history’s most iconic moments in a short animated video. Elsmore created the mini-figurines for his book Brick Flicks. He[…]

Morons untie! Lefty NC students triumph over forces that tried to ‘concor’ them

http://twitter.com/#!/Linedan/status/349284392146976769 College students in North Carolina are quite pleased with themselves this afternoon, and who can blame them? They took to the streets today to show their solidarity with the state’s unemployed workers: http://twitter.com/#!/StudentPowerNC/status/349276558973878275 http://twitter.com/#!/StudentPowerNC/status/349278491109376002 http://twitter.com/#!/StudentPowerNC/status/349279914450624515 http://twitter.com/#!/StudentPowerNC/status/349285866188976128 In the face of adversity, they’ve not only triumphed over anti-worker injustice, but[…]

Obama implies that Obamacare individual mandate is a tax

http://twitter.com/#!/mollyesque/status/223935788252020736 While discussing Obamacare’s individual mandate in Roanoke, Va., today, President Barack Obama said, “If you have health insurance, you’re not getting hit with a tax.” The obvious conclusion is that if you don’t have health insurance, you will get hit with a tax. Oh Barack, now you’ve tossed Twitter[…]