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They Were Loading A Truck Onto A Barge When This Disastrous Moment Happened

You know those days where you think everything is going well, but then chaos erupts? The driver of this semitruck can definitely tell you a thing or two about that. While attempting to back his truck onto a barge in Russia, he believed that things were going pretty smoothly —[…]

When hashtags collide: Taking Obama to task over headwinds, claim that private sector is ‘doing just fine’

http://twitter.com/#!/DavidSPJM/status/211115366401851392 As Twitchy reported earlier, President Obama spun madly today during a briefing on the economy and blathered on about headwinds and such. No ‘thingamajigs,’ though. The most damning part was that President Obama said, with a straight face, that the private sector is “doing just fine.” Unemployed with no[…]

Mark Ruffalo wants you to help Greenpeace fight … Lego?

http://twitter.com/#!/springrose12/status/489820752922042368 Environmental scientist Actor Mark Ruffalo wants you to support Greenpeace in attacking Lego. http://twitter.com/#!/MarkRuffalo/status/489885758162239490 Lego has had a partnership with Shell Oil for some time and the Shell brand appears in some of Lego’s play sets. Greenpeace is now attacking Lego as a way to publicize their opposition to drilling for[…]

Baked Potatoes Are Always Great, But Wait Until You See This Version

Ah, baked potatoes. They really do make the world go ’round. Okay, maybe not, but they are pretty great. They’re easy to make, and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as digging in to a hot potato covered in sour cream when a food fest is underway. And because humans can[…]

Twittersphere explodes over news of #huggate

http://twitter.com/#!/StevenKays/status/177635923360616448 While the mainstream media is just now picking up this story, the video and news on this topic have been floating around Twitter throughout the day. After an apparent video obtained by the late Andrew Breitbart surfaced up at BuzzFeed, news of why this story is so big began[…]