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Lobotomies Were Brutal Procedures — And Seeing One Happen May Scar You For Life

Lobotomies were brutal procedures that involved doctors sticking metal instruments into patients’ brains and severing connections in the frontal lobe. It may sound medieval, but it actually wasn’t that long ago that lobotomies were being performed regularly. The following video is a brutal demonstration of the lobotomy procedure that was[…]

This Brilliant Procedure Is About To Save Thousands Of People From Suffering

It’s no secret that when it comes to debilitating conditions, Parkinson’s disease is among the worst. The diagnosis of this condition is particularly devastating, since the prognosis is typically bleak. There’s one procedure, however, that has been proven to help patients deal with their symptoms. It’s known as deep brain[…]

Singing Contractors Surprise A Woman In The Hospital With A Lovely Song

Aaron Gray and Josh Arnett grew up with a love of music and working with their hands. As fate would have it, they recently ended up combining the two. The pair are professional contractors from central Indiana, but have been sharing their joy for song by performing under the name[…]

‘Brutal’: Megyn Kelly ‘shreds’ Jen Psaki on Iraq SOFA [video]

http://twitter.com/#!/EwingNielsC/status/517856160263991296 Things didn’t go Jen Psaki’s way tonight. She was a guest on The Kelly File to defend the administration’s failed policies in Iraq. She found herself not only arguing against Megyn Kelly but also President Obama’s former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. MUST SEE: Megyn Kelly SHREDS Jen Psaki[…]

When You Cover Bacon In Chocolate, This Glorious Snack Happens

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); How many people do you know who really don’t like bacon? Probably not many. And you most likely don’t know too many who don’t like chocolate, either. But what if chocolate and bacon joined forces? It might sound insane, but hear me out. You probably love[…]

You’ll Need Some Tissues When You See What This Military Dad Did For His Son

It’s no secret that holidays are tough for military families. The months and years soldiers are gone drag on forever in their loved ones’ minds, especially when there are little ones involved. For the children of our country’s bravest men and women, deployment is hard to understand. What will they[…]

This Halloween, For A Mere $2,000, You Can Scare Your Neighbors For Life.

Innovation isn’t something companies tend to strive for when it comes to Halloween decorations. For the most part, Halloween decorations are the same as Christmas decorations, except with fake spider webs instead of tinsel. That is, until now.  Say hello to “The Chair Screamer.” Imgur This terrifying machine built by Poison Props is[…]